Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time to get to London

I have made reservations to visit London this March. I had just visited this past December and one can not visit London too often I say. In looking over my flight times and layovers in Charlotte I was a bit stunned when the numbers added up for me. The overseas legs are typically 8 to 9 hours so seeing 17 flight hours was not a surprise. The jaunt from Pittsburgh to Charlotte is about 1.5 hours making a total of 3. I have the pleasure of laying over in Charlotte for about six hours. I love being in Charlotte but for about 3 hours each does not allow for any sight-seeing other than what is in Terminal B.

But when I totaled all the flight and layover times I was shaken by the 26 hours I will be in transit. My holiday is for 9 days and I will be using one day and two hours of the time NOT being in London. Still, I cannot wait t be in the air eastbound.