Monday, July 27, 2009


One thing I do everyday is read the news out of London. I always find it interesting and, at times, amusing. Sometimes, like now, I find it bewildering. Take the story of the man in this news report. He is old enough to buy and drink alcohol but when he tried to buy a bottle of wine at a Sussex supermarket he was stopped. He was not doing anything illegal. He was not acting drunk or irrational. What was it that prevented staff from selling him a bottle of wine? He was buying it in the presence of his teenage daughter. The bastard.

The store is one of a growing number of outlets trying to prevent underage kids from obtaining alcohol. Golly good, I say. Bu he was an adult and her dad. Did that matter to the store? No. Did he have to prove he was the dad? No. What did the store require in order to let him buy the wine? SHE had to produce ID to show that SHE was of legal age.

Now I ask, what was going to happen to that bottle of wine at home? Would he be required under pending UN law that it be kept lock in a safe? If no safe is in the house would it need to be fitted with a cap lock? We all know how easy they can go off. And heaven forbid if would actually see the bottle at home. It could damage her for life.

Teens from 16 on up can have a drink in a pub if they are with their parents and they are at a table having a meal. This actually promotes responsible drinking for both the teens and the parents. It is suppose to be a life learning exercise. Is this going to be outlawed now? What will happen when a grand father is having a pint in the presence of his newborn grand child? Will the child have to show a driver’s license? I am amused!