Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black Cabs

The Times of London reported today on a man who was convicted of killing his wife. He did time but doctors had issues with his stability. He "convinced" then that he was all right. So, what does a woman killer do when he gets of of prison? He gets a job driving a Black Cab. Bull Crap! The authorities have no problem with this but the thousands of cab drivers in London do. They staged a traffic stoppage in protest. I have to support this. Cab drivers are good people and they don't need this. The Times said that they cannot name the person due to legal reasons. Bull Crap! Let me say this. Would you want your wife, sister, daughter or mother in a cab going about the city with a guy like this? We do many things to keep men who prey on children away from them but see nothing wrong with women killers being allowed to take women for a ride. To work in a job that does not put you in direct contact with women is one thing but this is placing women at risk. And the women are not allowed to know about this. I have always believed that females and children should not be harmed or put in dangerous circumstances. Am I that wacky for thinking this?