Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bruce Kraus South Side Parking

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published (Wednesday 10 February 2016) an article on a proposal by Bruce Kraus to make the South Side a nightlife magnet. Bruce, it’s been a magnet sine the 80’s once Mario’s Saloon moved in. I lived here all my 63 years and went through these issues then as now.  
He wants an extension for paid street parking. A change is proposed to eliminate free parking at metered spots by changing the time from 6PM to midnight. First, this will drive parkers to residential spots. A question I have is will this extension apply to the South Side Works. Aren’t they a part of the South Side?
To discourage parking from going to residential spots he wants to use the Second Avenue Parking Garage. I support the idea of using this garage for people coming to the South Side with a free shuttle. But in real life they will try and park as close to a bar as they can. And hey, don’t they get free parking at the First National Bank lot? And what plans are forthcoming for workers serving these people Bruce is trying to covet? The free shuttle stops after they get out of work.
Additional questions that will never get an answer:
Will the police tag and tow cars from fire hydrants one Friday and Saturday night?
Will the police tag and tow cars parked at stop signs and wheelchair ramps?
Will permit parking enforcement be enforced more frequently?
I should be a lawyer as I can ask questions when I already know the answers.
One last item. I don’t know if the city ever denied a liquor license from coming in to the South Side from another borough, but if they have they are hypocrites.