Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jogger’s Jogging

I do not live in London but I visit often. I enjoy so much of the city but most of all engaging in chat with people in pubs. I noticed something and passed it off but I have subsequently seen if again: terrorist in trainers. Yes, men jogging down the sidewalk at all hours of the day. Normally this is nothing a walker would give any thought of. But now I pause to see when the jogger will strike. What I saw was a male jogger run into a woman. It looked like an accident but there was room for him to pass. What bugged me out was that after he hit the woman he never stopped or even as he continued he never said sorry. During my last visit I saw one of two joggers run into a woman with infants. Once again, not stopping or sorry.

Is this a growing trend? Is it getting worst? Have men lost (or loosing) their civility towards women? I have only seen this twice but I cannot help but think this is more common that I suspect. I hope not because it will diminish London’s reputation as being walking friendly. They don’t even do this in New York. And yes London, you can take that as a hit.