Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gastro Pubs

Gastro pubs have been around for many years and I have been to many of them. They serve delicious food and wonderful beer and wine. I just wish they would go away. There, that should solicit hate mail. So, what is it that I don’t like about gastro pubs? The concept. Regular pubs serve good, traditional food at a reasonable price. You tend to get a lot for your money and you never have to worry about which fork to use to stick your roast. High-end restaurants also serve good food albeit prepared for magazine covers and for people who think that micro portions make a better meal. I am sorry but a small bowl of carrot soup should not cost three times that of a pint. Gastro pubs try to marry the two and I don’t think they can. It you want to open a 5 star restaurant please do. But make sure your place looks the part. I can’t say that I enjoy paying a high price for food if I am sitting on second hand furniture. If you spend nothing on tables and chairs then why does the price have to be so high? What rule did I miss that says gastro pubs have to look like second hand shops?

Gastro pubs are good for the consumer, nonetheless. A young lad can impress his date and ladies can dine together away from the local. This can be done without dressing to the nines or studying cutlery placement. In as much as gastro pubs do not compete with the Savoy or the Dorchester in d├ęcor they should be nicer looking than a boozer. Many pubs are elegant and nicely appointed. They have good floors, undamaged furniture and attractive wall treatments. They can be better looking than some homes. Gastro pubs should be no less.