Sunday, April 18, 2010

Help the Pirate Club

The Pirate Club in north London is trying to build a narrow boat so that people who cannot easily get on board can experience the fun of a cannel trip. To help raise money for this Rosco White is setting out on foot and will run in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. He is doing his best to help those who cannot walk and I think we should help him. We take so much of what we do in our daily life for granted that we forget that others have a difficult time with little things. Just try going to market in a wheel chair. Can I talk? Yes. I have an artificial leg and have been in wheel chairs several times. How you view the world changes forever. Good luck Mr. White and good going to the Pirate Club.

The Pirate Club is a Registered Charity, no. 308009, and is supported and regulated by the Charity Commission. They govern all UK Registered Charities, and hold details of the constitution of our organization.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Airport Security

I went on my annual London holiday this past March, and always I had a wonderful trip. I got to see my old friends and made some new ones along the way. I think making new friends and meeting people is most important. Not everyone is friendly, I must say. Many people have resorted to being bad and that has led to more and more security measures in airports. During my recent holiday I ventured to Dusseldorf as well as London. Travelling from Pittsburgh to Charlotte and back I went thru security a total of seven times. Before I left I read in the news how things were being tightened up and people were going thru more rigorous scrutiny. From what I read I was expecting a strip search, cavity search, pat downs in areas that have never before been patted down, etc. What are my thoughts on this now that I am back? None of this was a big deal. I have an artificial leg so I am used to the metal detector going off. But I never had issues with the security people. They always acted professionally and I was never delayed for more than several minutes. Once I got to the lounge I still had to wait for my flight so the look-see they did on me was not a time delay. I once had my leg x-rayed. That was nice and I saved my medical co-pay too. At worst I was asked to have a private pat-down in London on my way to Germany. They took me to a private room where two men had their way with me. I would tell you about it but what happens in security stays in security. To anyone apprehensive about going thru security checks I say, allow for time, chill out and don’t worry.