Sunday, November 13, 2011

Off To London

As many of my friends know, I have been going to London on an annual basis for many years. I came close to missing a trip this year but I recently found a deal. It also confused me, and my friends can tell you that is so easy to do. US Airways put out an e-saver list on Wednesday morning. They offer flights to selected cities at a discount. They recently had flights to London that were good (about $550RT, less taxes and fees) if you wanted to go within the short time period permitted. I chose not to take the saver and did what I always do. I waited them out. If you are flexible (I am 58 so not so much anymore) you can catch a real deal. As my work schedule is not very restrictive I can leave any time I desire. I plan months ahead and try not to get desperate. They placed some really low fares on their schedule but for a limited and select period of days. I am landing at Gatwick on 1 December for five days. My ticket is $448 and with taxes and fees it comes to $630. I paid $610 for my March 2010 trip.

Sorry to say that I was not able to go at the beginning of October or I would have been able to drink some of Matt Cole’s beer that he brewed at the Shepherd Neame Brewery in Faversham, Kent. He is head brewer at the Fat Heads Brewery in Cleveland and a Pittsburgher. He also studied brewing in England some years ago. It would have been a blast to drink his beer that he made in England, in England.

It looks like I will miss out on drinking a Pittsburgh beer(s) in London during my trip. In a pleasant surprise I found out that East End Brewery (Scott Smith) sent Black Strap Stout and Big Hop IPA. Shelton Brothers recently sent a limited quantity over but looks as though it will be gone by the time I walk into the Cask Pub and Kitchen in Pimlico. Scott got positive feedback from London via Twitter so this may give him and the brothers reason to send more over. But lads, please check with my schedule first!

So yes, these are exciting days. Unexpected cheap flight to London with a chance to drink some local brews there. Ok, so the local beer will not happen. But who knows what I will find when I land? I will be blogging from my IPAD whenever I find a free wifi spot. So after December 1st keep checking my blog every minute of every day for updates. (my site)