Thursday, June 28, 2012

Airline Carbon Tax

Yes, that is my question. Has the airline carbon tax been imposed on flights to and from Europe? I was in London in December 2011 and March 2012 and paid around $500 USD round-trip. US Airways is posting RT prices for this summer at triple what I recently paid. This is understandable as it is summer. The Olympic and Diamond Jubilee would have influence on price, too. But I have looked into January 2013 and prices remain steady at $1,300 USD. Can I ask; bloody hell?

I am assuming that the airlines are tying to re-coup some loss in fuel cost but it can’t be just that driving prices up. I know the EU is/was looking into adding a carbon tax in airlines. Has that occurred? Is it that much? I don’t know but it is playing havoc with my future London Holiday plans. It will be interesting to see if these high prices affect tourist travel this summer and fall. All I know is that publicans will be crying in their pint glasses if I don’t get back over too soom.