Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hour in London

A few London pubs that I follow on Twitter have started offering discounts on pints of beer in the late afternoon or evening. Although not called happy hour as American bars do, they offer these specials until closing. As the cost of a pint keeps increasing I welcome the discount at these pubs and will frequent them. Well, I do that now as they are very good pubs with excellent conditioned ale.

But I have to ask if this trend is being undertaken do to loss of trade as a result of the higher cost of putting a pale in a pint? For some of the pubs I do not think this is the case as they already have a brisk trade of loyal punters. So, my question to the pubs of London: why? In addition, is this happening beyond London in other parts of the country?

Not that I really need an answer but I do welcome this action in some of my favorite pubs. The two that know do this are the Gunmaker Arms in Clerkenwell and the Wenlock Arms in Hockston. Thank you publicans.

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